Letter from Mychal on tour!

Hello from the bus in Connecticut!

I am about half way through a 19 day tour with our friends in Anberlin. I am main support, on a 3 band bill with this really cool band Monsters Calling Home opening the show. The tour is an acoustic tour, which is really cool because Anberlin is usually a pretty heavy band, and they are playing all of their songs in a Fleetwood Mac style for this tour! Opening solo has been A real treat, but has also made me miss playing with the rest of the band immensely. Getting in front of 500 people a night with just a guitar has been such a learning experience, and has made me even more grateful for anyone who listens to our music, and has also been so fulfilling to have people come up to me after the shows and talk with me in states that we have never played.


On the bus, we have been watching movies (all the Harry Potter movies) and totally goofing off. The whole band and crew has been so generous and caring. I honestly feel like I have a new family of friends that I will have forever. We have been playing baseball, football, cornhole (a beanbag game) and swimming in lakes all the time!! I have been drinking coffee with the drummer Nate Young, and running with the singer Stephen. They are by far the most hilariously funny band around.

I am so excited to be home, and show you all songs from the new album at the crocodile! It’s gonna be an amazing night.

Best from the bus,



(Me and Nate Young)

Here are the rest of the tour dates!

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