Here are ten examples of NOT being EEO compliant

Being EEO compliant is required by federal law for any employer that has 15 or more employees that work 20 hours or more per calendar year. There are many guidelines and ways to ensure that your company is staying EEO compliant, including working with a company that specializes in this, such as The Management Advantage, as well as hiring an experienced and trained human resources representative to make sure that you are being compliant and following all of the necessary guidelines to stay compliant. There are many ways that you follow in order to ensure that you are staying compliant under the rules of the equal employment opportunity compliance guideline list. Here are ten examples of what NOT to do when it comes to being an equal employment opportunity employer. HR compliance

1. Watch an employee harass another employee because of his religion. Then, do nothing about it. This is not compliant because you should have and institute a zero harassment policy at all times.

2. Shred all documents pertaining to an employee as soon as they are fired or let go. All employee documents must be kept for one year after the employee is terminated or let go by federal law.

3. Do not interview a potential employee because they are of a certain national origin. You must not discriminate in the interviewing process (or at any time in the employment process) anyone regarding their color, sex, race, religion or national origin.

4. Do not promote an employee because they are close to retirement age. You must treat all employees over the age of 40 in the same manner that you would treat any employee under the age of 40.

5. Only let the men take hour long lunch breaks. You must treat all employees fairly regardless of sex.

6. Do not hire an employee because she is African American. You must treat all prospective employees fairly and not make any considerations due to their age, race, color, sex, or national origin.

7. Be very rude and unkind to an employee because you just found out she is pregnant and will be taking a maternity leave. You can also not discriminate any employee who finds out that she is pregnant nor can you treat her unfairly because she is taking a maternity leave.

8. Only choose to hire blonde hair individuals who have blue eyes and speak without an accent. You must treat all individuals the same regardless of sex, color, race, religion and national origin.

9. Discipline all of your employees who are of an ethnic background. You must treat all individuals the same regardless of sex, color, race, religion and national origin.

10. Hire only thin beautiful women who are all in their 20s. You can not discriminate against hiring people of a certain sex. You can also not discriminate due to someone’s age. You must treat all employees the same regardless of whether or not they are 55 or 25.

This was a list of ten things NOT to do when trying to stay compliant in an equal employment opportunity setting. These were all things that would ensure that your company was NOT compliant with the EEO and HR compliance standards.

These qualities set a retail displays company apart.

When you consider the things you would like to see in a retail display company, you probably consider your image as the most important aspect of the display. After all, the way that a product is put on display has a massive impact on the way it is seen in the long term. For example, without the right display, a product can appear disheveled and unseemly. Perhaps it is just a matter of disorganization or perhaps it is a lighting issue. Maybe your brand name is not displayed clearly enough. Whatever it may be, you need a company that has been doing this kind of work for a while to get you set up with the ideal point of purchase displays and other retail displays to ensure that your product really shines. Truly, it is not simply about ‘looking nice’, or sitting in a central area in a store. A great display speaks to your company’s personality, your brand’s power, and is truly an integral part of your marketing strategy when done the right way. A company that sees a display as just a display does not truly understand the depths of integrated marketing strategies. This is why it is important for you to partner with Preferred Display, Inc. at for all of your retail display needs. They are truly an integrated marketing company that understands not only the importance of the design of a display but also the role said display has to play in your overall marketing campaign.

Preferred Display, Inc. is a company that wants to bring your product to life based on the way it is set up on the shelf or on the display in the store. Indeed, giving energy and to a product through a display is the way to make purchases happen. When a product speaks to you off the shelf, then you are much more likely to buy it over a product that seems to sit meekly by, not considering the many ways that it could be speaking to customers. You want your retail display design to really speak to potential customers, and that is why you want to work with a company that understands this to be a goal.

Moreover, branding is a huge part of any company’s marketing strategy. Through an effective retail display, your brand and the emotion and energy it carries can be communicated effectively to customers. Indeed, any old bill board or digital advertisement can carry a message to customers, but how much more effective is that message with a display full of the product sitting there in front of you? Truly, this is the way to make your dreams of meeting people where they are a reality. This is the way that your product will jump off the shelf and create a brand recognition that is just irresistible.

In an age where internet and digital marketing are king, people often forget the importance of marketing to people in their physical space as well. Don’t be a company that forgets this important role that the physical world can play!

There are many offerings in private christian schools

There are many different benefits of sending your child to a private christian school such as Cornerstone Christian School in San Antonio, Texas. There are many different schooling choices that you have when it comes to your children’s education. Listed here are the many offerings that you can find at a private christian school such as Cornerstone Christian School. private christian school

1. Religion. At a private christian school, your children will be surrounded by other children that are like minded and growing up with the same values that you are teaching your children. They will also experience Christ centered classes as well as specific classes that will further their religious studies. The Bible will be the center of all of their education and each class will reflect a religious undertone which will strengthen your child’s understanding of their religion and bring them closer to God. Likewise, every teacher that teaches at a private christian school, such as Cornerstone Christian School, will be a christian and a believer in God and Jesus Christ. This means that the teachers will have an understanding of the children’s religious learning process and be compassionate to their religious studies.

2. Education. At a private christian school, education is the primary focus. It revolves around religious teachings as well as extensive lessons in everything your child needs to learn in order to be successful. Schools such as Cornerstone have an extensive college preparatory course that will help your child succeed in their learning and also aid them when it is time to take the exams that will determine what colleges they will be accepted to. They will also find an education load that focuses on Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math, Language Arts, History, Reading and Physical Education.

3. Athletics. At a private christian school, athletics are not forgotten. They typically offer extensive athletic programs that can include sports such as volleyball, softball, baseball, track and field, cross country running, football, soccer and many more options. This helps youngsters to learn about healthy competition while also learning team building activities and learning how to work together as a team. Also, with coaches coming from the same religious background as the teachers, then they will still continue to instill those same morals and religious teachings even in the extracurricular activities.

4. Fine Arts. Along with sports, there are many opportunities in the Fine Arts category as well at private christian schools. These can include technical theater, band, fashion design, 3D design as well as other foundational fine arts courses that will open up your child’s creative mind and help them to express themselves in a healthy and safe manner.

5. Online Education. Some private christian schools, such as Cornerstone Christian School, even offer the ability to study online. This gives students who live in remote locations the same opportunities to have a fine education along with religious teachings.

As you can see, there are many different offerings that a private christian school as to offer when it comes to many different aspects such as education, religious teachings, sports, fine arts and the ability to study online.

Make sure your diamond ring is from a good source

Now a days most people are at least fairly aware of some of the conflict surrounding where some diamonds come from and what extents some people go to in order to make the money paid by diamond consumers. Knowing that terrible things happen in the name of diamonds and the money that comes from them does not mean however that you are expected to or have to give up diamonds if you really love them and want to continue buying them. What it does mean however is that all of us should be a little bit more careful about where we get our diamonds. Of course we can usually not be one hundred percent where everything comes from and if we are ever being lied to or not but there are a few easy things that you can do that will at least highly reduce the chances that you are buying a diamond that came into the country in immoral and illegal ways.

engagement ringFirst of all, talk to your jewelry store, of course no one will ever come out and say yes, all of our diamonds are blood diamonds. They will probably however at least be able to show you a bunch of different documentation for their diamond rings and their jewelry to show that the source of their diamonds is legit and safe. There are a few different organizations that certify diamonds and prove where they come from. If you think that there is anything weird going on you can always check out the organization that the company says certifies their diamonds and red up on if the organization is first of all real and second of all any good at what they do. Most jewelry stores now are doing what they can to make sure that they do not buy conflict diamonds both because of (hopefully) their own conscience as well as the fact that as more and more people become aware of the problems in diamond producing Africa, they are more cautious about buying conflict diamonds themselves. If for any reason you have any doubt or weird feelings about a jeweler and where they get their diamonds, just go onto another jeweler. There are enough wonderful jewelry stores out there like Davidson Jewels that you never should take any unsure chances with where your diamonds are coming from.

As long as consumers are conscience about their purchasing decisions, we can slowly but surely make a change in the world and make sure that all of the diamonds that are making their way into diamond rings at jewelry stores have gotten there in a way that everyone will be ok and appreciative of. After all, if the public becomes educated enough about the topic and stops buying diamonds from unknown or seedy sources, hopefully we can significantly decrease the things that people will do in order to get those conflict diamonds on the market. It will only take a few minutes of your time and all you have to do is ask a few questions.

Solar panels offer many great benefits

Utilizing solar panels as a way to provide your home with energy is a great way to save money and reduce pollution.  More and more people are investing in this lifestyle and seeing many benefits from it! This list provides some of the top reasons to consider installing solar panels for your home or business. Solar panels are a tool which harness the suns energy and convert it into electricity.  This is a way to use a renewable and clean resource (the sun) to provide people with something they need in their day to day lives (electricity).  Installing solar power will get you off of the grid; you will no longer rely on businesses to deliver electricity, you will be creating it on your own! Solar powers offer a solution to our overuse of energy in the United States.  This article reviews some of the top reasons to consider installing solar panels in your home or utilizing solar panels in your business. Produce power yourself: For people who enjoy an ‘off the grid’ lifestyle, solar panels are an obvious way to provide your remote home with electricity.  By installing solar powers, you will be able to enjoy modern conveniences, without being hooked into the central power line. Solar panels can also be very useful if you live somewhere remote where power might be hard to get or not work very well.  Installing solar panels insures that you will have access to electricity in remote places whenever you need it.

2) Reduce pollution and positively impact the environment: By installing solar panels, you will be greatly helping the planet! Installing solar panels will help you to reduce your own carbon footprint and live your life more cleanly and with the environment in mind.

3) Promote clean energy: Not only will you be providing clean energy for your own home, but you will be promoting it to others! People who visit your home will want to know more about solar panels and have important questions for you about installing them in their homes.  Become a proponent for clean energy by installing solar powers and engaging people in a discussion about how they are good for the environment.

4) Enjoy quiet: Solar panels convert sunlight to energy and do so in a very quite fashion.  This is different than other forms of electricity which can be noisy. With solar panels you will feel much more close to nature because of how quite they are.

5) Cut costs: Although you will have to pay the initial costs associated with installing the solar panels, once they’re installed, you will no longer be paying for electricity in your home! This means that overtime you will save money, and the only money you will need to spend will go towards maintenance of your solar panels.

6) Reduce national energy consumption: It is no secret that the United States is one of the heaviest users of energy in the world.  By installing solar powers, you will no longer be contributing to this problem.

The plumbing industry needs better website design.

When you think about having someone come to your house to do a service, you rarely think about their website design and the role that that may play in your decision to selecting that service person in particular.  Nevertheless, it is very important and something that you need to make a conscious decision about.  With that in mind, one of the most important things that you can do as a person in the service industry is to ensure that all of your ducks are in a row when it comes to marketing on the internet.  You need to make sure that people can find you, you are visible when someone is searching, and that your website can back you up and show your expertise.

With that in mind, one of the most important things that you can do is to develop an understanding of what it takes to have a successful profile online.  It is a pretty easy thing to do, but also something where you can receive professional help to get it done soon.  There are a number of professionals out there, so finding something that works well for your schedule is imperative.  With that in mind, the first thing that you can do is to decide how you want yourself to be visible online.  There are many different options, so let’s start with search engine searches.

plumber marketing Most people find out information online through search engines.  Google, for example, gets an incredible number of searches each day.  We are talking in the billions.  Every day. So if you are a service that you want people to find, it is important to be visible on the search engines. A good place for you to start is by looking at what search terms a person may type into Google to find you.  Chances are it is a combination of the service and the city, “plumbing, Denver.” If that is the case you are aiding your plumbing business through SEO or search engine optimization. Once you have finished with that piece, you have to make sure that you have a high quality website that people can utilize.  There is nothing worse than going to a website and finding that links are not working and you are not able to get information from the page.

There is a lot to think about, so realize that if you do not want to go in that direction, one of the things that you can always do is develop a plan to work with some professionals.  One company out there, Plumber Marketing Gurus, works exclusively with plumbers to make sure that they have all of the pieces that need to be successful.  Once they do, they can be more successful.  If that is something that appeals to you, consider reaching out to Plumber Marketing Gurus and seeing what services they have available today. Chances are they will have something that will benefit your company and make your services more accessible to other people.  Give it a try today!


Why marijuana business owners in Colorado need to consider MMJ consulting

Knowing how to start a small business has a lot of different components to it, and knowing how to start a small marijuana business in Colorado has even more complex elements to it than most small business ventures. There are additional regulatory requirements and security concerns above and beyond most small businesses, not to mention the legal tensions between the state and federal government. It is legal for recreational use per Colorado state law, but remains illegal under federal law. This presents some unique challenges as well as opportunities to those who are willing to think outside the box to take care of business.

When starting your marijuana business, you need to be sure you abide by all facets of the state and local laws, while at the same time accepting that you are not going to be protected in any way under federal law and that you are, in fact, in violation of it. However, this does not mean that the Drug Enforcement Agency is coming after you any time soon. Rather, it means that as long as you stay out of trouble and comply carefully with the state and local laws, there is no reason for the federal law enforcement agency to worry itself with your business. They recognize that it is not worth their efforts to crack down on the issue in Colorado.

However, there are certain areas where this presents a problem. For example, when setting up a bank account for your small business you are simply not allowed to use any federally insured bank without running afoul of this agreement to stay out of local issues. This means that marijuana cooperatives have popped up all over the state of Colorado to help fund and finance these suppliers, along with other innovative business models for insurance, dispensary security, and so on. With the legalization of recreational use of marijuana another industry has grown up alongside it, which is MMJ consulting and compliance. Because there are so many tricky regulatory areas to navigate and requirements to meet, consulting in this area has taken on a life and demand of its own. The who have been there from the beginning and seen the laws enacted and enforced can help your small marijuana business with everything from laboratory integrity to dispensary security to any other issue on which you might want to consult.

In fact, as a small business owner you might not even be aware of all of the potential areas where you might need consultation, so hiring a professional early on in the process can help you predict these areas and avoid any pitfalls or major legal mistakes in the business process. They can help guide you through the business license registration process from beginning to end, help you find the right banking cooperative, and make sure that your store and lab meet the right specifications and requirements to be in line with all state and local laws. They are a potentially invaluable resource for a business owner who does not have the time or energy to navigate the complex regulatory space surrounding marijuana.

Upholstery cleaning requires particular products and equipment.

http://www.allprochemdry.comHave you ever been over at a friend’s home when something has spilled and noticed that the product they are using to clean up the spill wasn’t intended for such use?  There are so many people out there that buy one cleaning product that’s intended for “all-purposes” and then use it on exactly that.  The problem with this is that “all-purposes” generally means counter tops, tile floors, linoleum, and the like.  It does not mean that the product should be used on carpets, area rugs, clothing, furniture, and other similar surfaces.  In the end, using such a product on carpet or furniture will actually do more harm than anything, as it will eat away at the fibers.  In many cases, these products even contain bleach, which unless the thing a person is cleaning is totally white, will leave discoloration.  Imagine the surprise on people’s faces when they use products like this on their clothing.  Different surfaces require different products.  For example, upholstery cleaning requires particular products and equipment.  Not using those particular items can lead to all sorts of problems.

One of the major reasons why specialized cleaning products exist is that they clean while maintaining the integrity of the item they are cleaning.  Think of the example of someone using a cleaner with bleach on their dark blue couch.  Upholstery cleaning products are designed to remove debris, dirt, food crumbs, and stains from furniture without compromising the integrity of the furniture.  These products are subtle so that they don’t damage the fibers that hold the furniture together.  Over time, furniture can begin to fall apart.  There is no need to expedite the process by using the incorrect cleaning products.

The second big reason why specialized cleaning products exist for upholstery is that they actually clean the upholstery better.  Some products only clean the surface of the furniture, without working to remove deep dirt and smells that can linger.  There are products that are designed for leather furniture, just as there are products designed solely for couches made of fibers.  These products get deep into the furniture to make sure that it won’t need to be cleaned for many weeks.

In addition to the actual cleaning products, there is equipment designed solely for upholstery cleaning.  If you try to pick up the vacuum that you use on the carpet and put it on the furniture, not only could it damage the furniture, it also won’t really clean it.  There are numerous pieces of equipment that have long hoses and gentle extensions that work to get every single part of the furniture cleaned.

Since people spend so much money on their furniture, why wouldn’t they want it to last as long as possible?  The only way to ensure this is to use the right products and equipment.  It’s also a great idea to hire a professional upholstery cleaner like All Pro Chem-Dry.  They are specialists in upholstery cleaning, and they’ll be sure to use the right products and equipment at all times.  They know how valuable furniture is, and they want to help people maintain that furniture as best they can.

All Pro Chem Dry

2970 South Tejon Street

Englewood, CO

(303) 424-7111

Here are the top five ways to advertise your auto repair shop

When you think of advertising, you may still think of ads in magazines or ads on billboards. However, in the past decade, advertising methods have grown into an online marketing business. Yet, print advertising is still effective. If you have an auto repair shop that you are trying to grow and gain new customers, then there are many different ways that you can go about growing your business when it comes to advertising. Here are the top five ways to advertise your auto repair shopauto repair advertising

1. Through social media outlets. One of the best ways to advertise your auto repair shop is to create ads and branding through social media outlets. Most people want to use an auto repair shop that has been recommended or referred to them. This means that the use of social media branding is highly effective. For example, if you create a Facebook page for your business and have all of your customers ‘like’ your page then you can leverage those likes in your advertising. This is done through social media advertising and you can target friends of friends of everyone who has ‘liked’ your page!

2. Pay per click advertising. This is another well proven method that has the best rate of return on it. By using pay per click advertising, then you now that you are doing the best methods of online advertising while also getting the best bang for your buck. If you choose to enlist marketing professionals such as Auto Repair Marketing Gurus to do your online advertising for you, then you can expect even more viewers to your website and more conversions into paying customers.

3. Print advertising. You can always still advertise through print advertising methods such as a newspaper and magazine. Even though these methods are becoming obsolete, they can still be effective if you are carefully targeting the ads that you place. However, it is still highly more effective to advertise online using one of the methods listed above.

4. Billboard advertising. Another method of print advertising is advertising on a billboard. This method will always be effective as people are always driving past billboards. However, by using this method, it is difficult to really tell what your rate of return is because it is hard to know how many views you have gotten. It is also difficult to judge how many customers you actually brought it from the billboard unless you ask or have them fill out a survey. Also, it is important to create a ‘catchy’ billboard ad so that it will get people’s attention while they are driving by.

5. Website. You an also advertise via your well designed website. This is another great way to draw people into your business because they can learn about the services that you offer on your website. It is very important to have a well designed website that clearly shows what you offer at your auto repair shop.

As you can see, there are many different ways that you can choose to advertise your auto repair shop in order to gain more customers and grow your business.

Buying your window coverings from a small, family owned store

It seems more and more that the smaller, family run businesses that used to line the streets of America are going under and being replaced by bigger chain stores. While you can see this across almost every industry, the one industry where I still seem to always find the smaller and family run stores around is usually with things like custom blinds and home interior stores. One of the family owned custom blinds stores that I know in Troy, Illinois is Blind Quest.

Since Blinds Quest specializes in custom blinds and shades, they have practically every possible option for window coverings that you can imagine. Since the store has been in the family for a while, these people all grew up on blinds and window coverings so they know pretty much everything that there is to know about home decorating and how to find the best window coverings for any window and any family. Since picking out your new window coverings can be a little bit tricky, it can be incredibly helpful to have someone there to help you answer questions and point you in the right direction when you are a little bit unsure. The knowledgeable staff at Blinds Quest can either help their clients in the store or they also offer a home program where one of the professional custom blinds experts will come to your home and help you figure out what kind of window covering, what style and which colors would work the best for your home. This way it is not only immensely easier for you but you can also get a lot more out of it since the design professional is able to help you and look through the style and other design choices that you have made for your home and hopefully from that can come up with the best match possible for the kinds of and style of window treatment. While they are there, they can also help you with all of the measuring that is needed to install your new blinds or shades. While one would think that it would not be all that difficult to measure a window, since different kinds of blinds, shutters and shades have different measurement requirements, it can be confusing to know exactly where you need to measure from in order to make sure that your window coverings are going to hang and fit just right.blinds

Since Blinds Quest is a small and family owned store, you can also be more confident that you are going to get the best possible service and the best possible results. If for any reason you ever have any kind of problem with your new custom blinds, the staff at Blinds Quest will be happy to work with you and figure out a way for you to be happy with your window treatments. This is the kind of service that you can only get from a smaller, family owned establishment like Blinds Quest.

Honda motorcycles are some of the best.

There are so many different Christmas gifts that you can get your loved ones, it is often difficult to decide the direction in which you would like to head.  As a result, you must be intentional with what you want to get your SO, so that you can get them something that you find meaningful.  It is not about the price of the gift, but the intent with which you give it.  That is what makes a gift meaningful, so it is important that you keep that in mind.  Nevertheless, if you are going to get a gift and make it meaningful, then one of the things that you are going to have to do is do some research to ensure that you are going to be okay with the purchase for many years.

dirt bikesThe first thing that you should do is figure out what kind of gift you want to give.  If you are looking for a gentleman, then you should consider checking out motorcycles.  The motorcycles are a great option because it is something that every guy wants, they just want to make sure that the women in their lives will let them have their toys.  It is a great way to ensure that you are going to be able to be comfortable later in life.  Nevertheless, once you have decided that a motorcycle is going to be right for you, the next step is deciding which one you would like to go with.  There are many different options out there, so finding one that you think is of high quality is very important.

The first thing that you should keep in mind is that reputation matters.  Honda motorcycles have a great reputation and that is because they have been able to provide high quality bikes to many people throughout the years. That is why you should do your research.  If you do happen to do some research, chances are that you will find that Honda has some of the best bikes.  Once you find that, there are a variety of places from which you can buy the bikes. If you happen to be in Denver, one of the best places that you can go is called Sun Enterprises.  Sun Enterprises has a great selection of bikes that you can go through and find some that you really enjoy.

Once you find some that you really like, the next step is figuring out where you would like to take the bikes.  There are a variety of options, so find a place that you have been wanting to go to for a long time.  It will be a great option for you and your family and an excellent way to celebrate Christmas.  So get out there and love the bike that you bought. It will be a ton of fun and something that you look back on with fondness for the rest of your life.  So do it today and start enjoying the wind in your hair.  It was a great idea.

Analytics and reporting are the foundation of any good carpet cleaning marketing strategy.

Computers have changed the world in more ways than any person could count.  Along with the Internet, computers have connected the world, making it possible for a person anywhere in the world to see what is going on anywhere else.  They have made it possible for people to do a huge number of computations in a short amount of time, and they have made it possible for people to keep better records for themselves and for their business.

http://www.carpetcaremarketinggurus.comComputers have also greatly changed the world of marketing in two major ways.  For one, computers have made it possible for digital marketing to exist, where companies market their brand and their business on the Internet in a variety of different ways.  Today, businesses from auto mechanics to professional carpet cleaning companies use search engine optimization, social media, and pay-per-click advertising strategies to achieve higher visibility for their company.  The second way in which computers have changed the world of marketing is by allowing companies to compile, track, and analyze various amounts of data.  Before computers existed, companies had to track how their marketing techniques were doing by hand.  This was complicated work and always full of major errors.  With the power of computers behind them, companies can now compile, analyze, and report on data at an incredible rate.  This data provides them with knowledge of how their marketing strategy is working and what changes should be made, if any.  It is crucial for all companies, including carpet cleaning companies, as was mentioned above.  To put it simply, analytics and reporting are the foundation of any good carpet cleaning marketing strategy.

In case you are not familiar, analytics and reporting is the practice of analyzing hard data, reporting on it, and understanding what it means for your carpet cleaning company.  Here’s an example of how it works: many carpet cleaning companies employ carpet care SEO to help their company be one of the first that pops up on search engines when people are looking for professional carpet cleaning.  There are many different techniques and practices that can help a company rise up the search results pages on various search engines.  Analytics and reporting are capable of analyzing all of those various practices to see which ones are benefiting the SEO strategy and which are not.  From this data, carpet cleaning companies can determine how they should change their approach going forward to deliver better results.

Without the ability to compile, analyze, and report on data, companies are simply making changes and hoping that they work.  The data that analytics and reporting provides gives these companies actual information to base their decisions on.  As the common saying goes, knowledge is power, knowledge in this sense comes from the analytics and reporting data.  The great thing about this approach is that any company can install Google Analytics for free.  It literally doesn’t cost a company anything to track all of their data and analyze it.  If your company isn’t using analytics and reporting, you had better start, because you can be sure that your competition is.

There are many different types of custom made blinds

There are a plethora of different types of blinds that are available in today’s window covering market. Window blinds are a type of window covering and come in many different colors, styles and sizes. Window blinds can either be vertical or horizontal. They consist of slats that are either vertical or horizontal and can come in many different types of fabrics, woods, plastics or metals. The various slats are held together by cords and are hung on a window in a manner that allows them to be pulled up completely, offering full exposure to the outside. This manner does not allow any type of light covering or privacy covering. If you leave the blinds down, covering the window, then you can choose between shutting the slats, which will not allow any light through and offers full privacy coverings from the outside. You can also choose to open the slats with the blinds still covering the window, which allows partial light to come in and partial privacy from the outside. You can also adjust the blinds to offer more or less light and privacy in by controlling the angle of the slats. window blinds

As mentioned above, there are many different types of materials that blinds can be made out of. One of these includes fabric blinds. Fabric blinds can be made of many different types of fabrics including cotton, polyester, wool, viscose and silk. Fabric blinds can also be rolled up with a thin cord or made with small horizontal slats in the fashion described above. Another type of fabric that window blinds can be made out of is wood. Wooden blinds are also called Venetian blinds and come in a variety of finishes as well as a variety of sizes. Pinoleum blinds are another type of wooden blind that is made of small wooden twigs. As a replacement to wood, faux wood is also used in blinds. Faux wood blinds have become more popular because they are a cheaper option than real wood blinds yet they still look like real wooden blinds.

Another type of material that is used to make blinds includes a blind that is made from polyester as well as plastic. Blinds also come in many different styles. Some of these styles include Persian or slat blinds. Persian blinds are the most common type of blind and are the type that have horizontal slats that can be opened or closed or opened at various angles in order to let a certain amount of light into the home. Venetian blinds can be made of wood, plastic, or metal and are also horizontal slats that can be opened and closed as well. They typically can open up to 180 degrees. Vertical blinds are typically used on windows and door that open side to side and collect less dust than horizontal blinds because they stand vertically.

As you can see, there are many different types of window blinds, which all offer different things. It is best to go to a custom window store, such as Premier Designs, to have a window expert help pick out the best blinds for your home.

Choosing a sheet metal designer

When you want a job–any job–done right, you hire an expert. This is an obvious fact, one we take for granted. Let’s tease out the point though. Why do we hire experts? Well, simply put, experts can do the job right the first time. They can perform the complex tasks

Bookends made of sheet metal

that more complicated jobs require. When you’re looking for a sheet metal designer, the same principle applies: seek out and choose the best. Of course, finding the best requires some leg work on your part. The research that you will do, though, will save you time and money in the long run, preventing the headaches that can accompany work with amateurs. You want to find an expert sheet metal designer.

The research you do might entail asking around to your family members and friends. It might entail asking a question on social media sites. It might mean doing web searches and reading reviews, lots of reviews. Finally, it might mean conducting personal interviews with the representatives of prospective companies.  These interviews would ideally be conducted in person, and during them, you’d ask crucial questions.

The first question you could ask is this: What kinds of projects have you done work on?

All sheet metal designers worth their salt have portfolios of their past projects. In addition, they should be able to describe current projects in detail. When looking at their past and current work, assess whether they have worked on the type of project you are looking for them to work on.  In addition, look critically at the quality of work they have performed. You want only the best, remember.

Second question: What techniques does your company use? What materials?

You are looking for a company that specializes in a variety of metals be they copper, stainless steel, brass, or aluminum. Silver and gold might also be metals a top welding firm utilizes. You are also looking for a company that has a variety of techniques at its disposal. Look at cutting techniques: can they cut with saws, torches, and plasma? If so, you have a versatile company. If not, keep your options open. Look then at rolling and punching abiilities. MIG welding and TIG welding should hopefully both be options for you.

Third: What about custom solutions? Do you offer those?

Most projects are not cookie cutter projects. When you want something custom, you want to make sure the welding company has the expertise to create your custom project. And you want this company to be able to deliver your custom project while still meeting their safety guidelines, creating a product that you can feel confident about.

Fourth: Do you assist with installation of the product? 

You want the answer to be yes. True, you will have to pay extra, but the extra cost will be worth it, especially in the case when your product is particulary complex or contains several parts. You don’t want to spend the money and then not be able to set up what you’ve purchased after all, right?

Fifth: Can you provide me with an estimate?

Again, the desired answer is “yes.” Sheet metal designers and fabricators should have the expertise to tell you exactly how much the materials should cost and how much the labor.





Custom Window Treatments and Where to get Them

Considering most homes are different and unique than that of their neighbor, the windows that comprise those homes are equally unique and different. Therefore finding the best type of window treatment for a specific window or windows takes a little bit of work. However, the work doesn’t have to be exhaustive or time consuming. A little help from a reliable and reputable retailer goes a long way. Consulting a custom window treatment retailer like LoriJill Designs will not only ensure you have a positive and productive experience, but it will also provide you and your home with quality window covering treatments.

Window coverings comes in many forms. They can be blinds, shutters and shades. Shades can also be vertical or horizontal, depending on the need. Custom window treatments are different than those window treatments you would find at the local hardware or mass retail department store. Existing window treatments that you may find in stock generally fit only a select series of traditional window sizes. In some cases it may be all that you need to cover a window. However, these days people are really getting creative with their living spaces and bringing new and unique designs to the table when itWindow treatments comes to how light it created for a living space. A custom window treatment is a style of window covering specifically created for a certain space, and not just for the area it is to cover, but also the expected need of light and privacy for those space. Creating a darker more insulated covering or that of a more sheer and gentle type of coverage are a few reasons custom window treatments are the best option when it comes to meeting expectations.

Finding a retailer who provides the experience and knowledge of these types of window treatments is important because they can provide suggestions and recommendations to match the needs and requirements of the space or spaces you are looking to cover. A qualified retailer like LoriJill Designs provides premium products, like Hunter Douglas window coverings as well as brand name blinds that are created with wood or aluminum, for extra durability and efficiency.  Here are few examples of the variety one can find when exploring the many custom made options. Vertical blinds can be created in many different colors, textures and material to match the needs of a large window or door. The same goes for shades that are custom made. The options range from textured woven shades to traditional roller shades. An expert retailer can direct any buyer to best solutions if they are seeking specific sun protection, room darkening or energy efficient needs.

Next time you are debating on which type of window treatment to get, make sure you utilize the knowledge and product variety that a quality window covering retailer can provide you. Not only are the products quantities that are available ten fold that to a traditional home good or hardware store, but they are long lasting and valuable additions to any space or room.


Here are the top five reasons why you need auto collision repair

There are many things that cause automobiles to collide. There are also many factors that can cause you need to have the damages done in a collision repaired on your car. The best way to get these repaired is to visit a trusted auto body shop that can fix all of the damage that was done to your car and restore it to what it used to be. Here are the top five reasons why you need auto collision repair. auto collision repair

1. Someone rear ended you. You knew it was going to happen. There you were, sitting in traffic, minding your own business. You were at a full stop and could see the person behind you roaring up, not paying attention. You could actually see the fear in their eyes when they realized that you were stopped and they were going to hit you. You brace yourself and BAM. You are rear ended. This type of collision is very clearly not your fault. Yet, there is still an ample amount of damage that is done to your vehicle. This means that you need to have your car repaired.

2. You rear ended someone else. Yes, the same scenario above can also happen to you. This is an unfortunate situation that can be reversed. You can be that person who is not fully paying attention until it is too late. You will need to repair the car you hit as well as your own through your insurance and a trusted auto body shop.

3. You slide on the ice and run into a car. This is a very probably occurrence if you live in a cold and snowy area in the winter. If you do not have snow tires, then it is likely you will slide on an icy or snowy surface at some point and make it more likely that you will hit someone else. If you do, then you will need to repair the damage done by your collision.

4. You hit a car in the parking lot. This may be your biggest nightmare as it probably nearly happens all the time. You are in a hurry and leaving the grocery store. You back out quickly but cannot see if there are cars around you. BAM. A car hits you as they are driving down the parking lot. This is a type of collision that will definitely need an auto body shop to repair the damages.

5. You get into an accident picking up your child from school. Another probably accident as there are masses of cars all in the same area at the same time. Most people are in a hurry and everyone seems to be late for something. If an auto collision occurs, then there will likely be some dents in your car that need to be hammered out and repaired by an auto body shop.

These were several types of auto collisions that can occur that will cause you to need to get your car fixed. They may not be bad collisions but any small dent in your car should be fixed by a trusted professional at an auto body shop.

Energy savings are easy with the right windows.

Replacement windows are better when they are energy efficient windows. This is not rocket science, folks; it just makes good environmental and economic sense that the windows you would put on your home would be windows that are energy friendly. They should be energy efficient and should be windows that allow you to save money on your energy bill rather than spend it. While the initial investment in windows is an expensive one, if you choose to do so with proper energy efficient windows, then you will find that the initial investment in said windows will easily be made up with your energy savings in the long term. Indeed, new siding and windows can actually reap significant energy savings in your life. During the hot summers here in Colorado as well as the bitter winters, the right windows and siding can save you 35%, with an annual decrease in energy spending of about 25%. That is no small sum of money! All you need is a window and vinyl siding team like Lifetime Windows and Siding to partner with to help save you that money and make your home better equipped to handle the climate here in Colorado!

Energy efficient windows are an absolute must when you live in a climate as tricky as Colorado’s. With the extreme hots and colds that seem to hit us each year, it is more important now than ever to make sure that your windows are energy efficient, and not just windows. In fact, even well installed windows of the traditional variety tend to lose a lot of energy, both entering and leaving the home. The trick is to have windows that don’t allow excess energy from the outside to mess up the equilibrium of the heat inside. This way, no matter what the time of year is, you will be able to manage your home heating and cooling easily. Energy star double pane or triple pane windows are particularly well equipped to handle this heating and cooling conundrum. The space between the panes is filled with a gas that adds additional insulation to your home, making it easier to keep the temperature constant. That’s the kind of heating and cooling system you can rely on!

In addition, energy efficient siding replacement will ensure that energy isn’t being lost through the cracks in your home’s siding. Older homes especially have hundreds of small cracks across the home that have developed in the building material over time, making it difficult to maintain a constant temperature. With newer siding, your home gets wrapped up in a plastic based barrier that holds air tighter inside your home and blocks air from the outside more effectively. You can see energy savings of close to 20% during extreme temperatures and an annual energy saving of around 10%, all when you install the right siding for your home. It is clear that this is an investment you cannot afford not to make! When you partner with Lifetime Window and Siding, it is easier than ever to make sure that your home stays warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer without breaking the bank!

Everything There is to Know About Environmental Remediation

Most people probably do not think about all the harmful toxins and contaminants that come from man-made products, waste, or even dangerous vapors occurring naturally in the environment. Most of these toxins do not pose an immediate threat to humans, but they are something that everyone should probably be acutely aware of for their future well being.environmental remediation

Environmental remediation is the process that overlooks all these harmful elements that can be a potential risk to humans or pets. This process involves the immediate removal or minimization of pollution or contaminants that are present in the environment. To start implementing a better understanding of this process, it helps to recognize all the places in which might need remediation action.


One of the most common soil-borne contaminant is radon. It is a naturally occurring radioactive gas that is emitted into the atmosphere through the decaying of uranium in soil. Though the process is slow, radon can build up within the foundation of buildings over time, which is when the gas then starts to become a hazard. Most of the time, soil contaminated with high levels of radon is extracted from the site and replaced with newer soil. This process can be quite the challenge in older parts of inner city locations where there is less space to work with. This is why having your soil tested regularly is highly important.


There are many naturally occurring toxins that exist far beneath the surface that can be harmful if ingested in large enough quantities. Groundwater is at high risk of contaminants because it is subject to pick up many harmful toxins through the natural runoff process. There are always pesticides and other chemicals used on the earth’s surface that can so easily seep into ground water. Because many people rely on groundwater to drink from local wells, it is important to have the water go through radon mitigation and other remediation guidelines before being consumed.


Because many people rely on the water from rivers passing through, sediment can be an easy way for harmful contaminants to seep into water systems. A lot of harmful toxins will still remain present in treated city water and environmental remediation is the only way to know if water will be safe for drinking in certain places. Radon is a toxin that is hard to be detected and is produced in soil, even as sediment in traveling water, so it is good to be aware of these risks.

Surface Water

Stagnant water is able to collect many harmful substances and should be simply avoided at all costs. Other sources of surface water are susceptible to many of the same toxins and vapors that are found contaminating ground water. Through environmental remediation, everyone can be sure that their drinking water is being filtered enough in order to drink without having any direct health risks.

MTN Inc. is a Denver based company that specializes in all types of environmental remediation processes necessary to keep us out of harm’s way. Be sure to check out for more information about what kind of remediation you might need.

How to make moving a more tolerable experience for anyone

Buying a home is such an exciting event in a person’s life, no matter how old they are, or how many homes they have owned before. First time homebuyers are of course especially excited, but one thing they all have in common in the end is that they have to move into the home from wherever they are. This is one of those adult chores that no one likes but everyone has to do, and everyone loves to complain about. Finding the best shortcuts and tips to making moving just a little bit easier has gotten a little bit easier for anyone moving. Below find some of the secrets from those who do this for a living, compiled in one place.

  • Start early, and get organized. By going through things early on and sorting out what goes to charity, what goes in the trash, what goes to storage, and what goes to the new place, you can make moving day itself a painless process. Separating them out into different parts of the house and taking out everything for the dump and charity before moving day can really free up a lot of space in your home for the remaining items that are going to storage or to the new place.
  • Get a storage rental sorted out ahead of time, too. You might need one near the new house, the old house, or only temporarily somewhere in the middle, but once you figure out what you need you will want to go ahead and get yourself set up for moving day. Taking one trip from the house to the storage unit on the way to the new house is going to be the easiest possible way to save time, gas, and ultimately money.
  • There is simply no easier alternative to hiring movers such as My Guys Moving to with the loading, unloading, and driving the day of moving. If you are moving across the country this is practically inevitable, but even if you are just moving across town, having someone do all of the driving and loading and unloading makes a huge difference. Long distance movers are expert drivers and can get your items safely across the country in a minimal amount of time, but local movers are just as handy for keeping a local moving day as smooth and as short as possible. Moving services are simply irreplaceable, and as generous as your friends and family are with their time, they simply do not have the expertise and skill of professional movers to make your day go that much more smoothly.
  • Before you do anything else, make sure you stock up on plenty of moving supplies and get yourself organized. Packing takes a while and you will want to do it right. Label boxes appropriately, use soft items like linens and towels to wrap fragile items to save space, and be sure to organize boxes once packed by where you are sending them.

Australian labradoodle puppies are adorable

Dogs are truly a man’s best friend and this has recently been confirmed by science. According to a recent study, it was found that dogs value humans not just for the camaraderie that they provide but also the love and protection that humans allow for the dogs. It was very touching to read about how a dog may feel, which is especially the case for ones own dogs. One of the biggest tragedies in life is that some people have a dog allergy and are therefore unable to experience the love and relationship that comes with having a dog. Nevertheless, there is the opportunity to get a dog if you are searching for those that have hypoallergenic qualities. Years ago they may have been hard to come up, but now you can find the Portuguese water dog and the Australian labradoodle breeders all over the place.

labradoodle breederThese dogs are great because they not only offer the relationship that any dog would offer, but they have special bred service qualities that allow for them to more keenly be attuned to the needs of their human. A good example of this is in actual service. There is a service dog test in which the dog has to listen to commands, go and grab certain things, and act as a guide dog. While many dogs are used for this, it is rare to find a dog that is able to cope with the demands so easily. This is exactly that the labradoodle has done. Through its testing 29 of 31 dogs were able to come through the test successfully. That is a very impressive number and one that tis certain to maintain this dog’s place as one that can benefit huge groups of people that have dog allergies or those that are in need of a good service dog.

Nevertheless, one of the important things to keep in mind is that no matter how much you may want to have one of these specific breeds, there are many dogs out there that are in need of a loving forever home. The local shelters are usually the best places to look for dogs, but there are usually a number of rescue organizations out there that may work well too. Keeping this in mind, if you are allergic to dogs and still want one, the labradoodle is an excellent resource for you. There are numerous labradoodle breeders in Colorado and these are the people that can help you get that relationship with a dog in your life. There are many ones out there so do your research and make sure that you are working with a purveyor that is going to provide you with a healthy pup. Labradoodle puppies are also very cute and it is important to know that if you pick one up, chances are that you are going to keep it in the long run. So be careful which ones you end up grabbing at the breeders. You are not going to want to let go of it!